Career Mobility Committee

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About Us

Career Mobility Committee (CMC) was started by doctoral students in the Cellular, Molecular, Biomedical Science Program with a seminar series that asked doctorate holders in non-academic careers to give insights into those careers. The next year the committee quickly expanded to include other STEM departments and programs in its outreach. From the increased popularity and the inclusion of post-doctoral trainees, it was decided a workshop which would teach skills useful for students, but that are not generally taught during traditional training, was necessary to prepare them for the careers presented in the seminars. The workshop was well received by all who attended and included past and new speakers presenting on topics such as, "Compensation Negotiation" and "Networking Skills." CMC has since been recognized by the Graduate Student Senate as an official organization and keeps contact with the Post Doctoral Association. We are dedicated to continuing showing graduate students and doctoral trainees non-academic career paths and giving them the skills to succeed at those paths. For that reason we are dedicated to keeping both the seminar series and workshop going, while keeping ever vigilant for new opportunities to further that purpose. Below is our executive council who represent the largest organization and are tasked with keeping these events running.


Hannah Despres

Program/Department: Cellular Molecular and Biomedical Sciences

Past President

Trevor Wolf

Program/Department: Cellular Molecular and Biomedical Sciences

Vice President

Montana Lara

Program/Department: Neuroscience Graduate Program

Web Master

Jonathon Ferrell

Program/Department: Cellular Molecular and Biomedical Sciences